Become a Design/Construction Partner

Thank you for your interest in becoming a qualified vendor with Walgreens. Since the opening of the first neighborhood store by Charles Walgreen in 1901 to opening the nation's first net zero energy retail store in 2013, Walgreens has been striving to be the first choice in health and daily living for everyone in America...and beyond. And behind all of Walgreens accomplishments our qualified vendors have provided their services to help make our conceptual ideas into realities. We hope your company meets our requirements and can join the ranks of our approved vendors.

Why does Walgreens only use qualified vendors?

Each vendor or service provider being contracted by Walgreens must comply with the minimum requirements established by the company. Vendor Management provides this service through our qualification process. Vendor Management also tracks the performance of each vendor over the lifespan of their service with Walgreens. In order for the approved vendors to be successful on any of the company's initiatives they must have the knowledge to reach that success. Vendor Management facilitates program and initiative specific training seminars that will ensure the vendors gain the adequate amount information so they may prosper as a service provider with Walgreens.

How can I apply to become a vendor?
Becoming a vendor is as easy as completing three steps.

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