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What happens when you combine all of PURE's energy efficiency programs, alternative energy programs, and LEED projects into one location? The greenest retail store on the planet? Very possibly. This store is located in Evanston and has been targeted as a "flagship" store of all our green technologies – and then some.

This store's Chicago and Keeney Avenue site is nestled between subway, light rail, and bus lines. It features a stepped solar array angled to true south in order to maximize the energy produced by the 850 solar panels. Two vertical wind turbines will add additional renewable energy to this store, which is designed to use only 50% of the energy a typical Chicago based store would use. By increasing our renewable energy and decreasing our use, our Evanston store should produce more energy than it uses.

But green does not stop there. It also features an all LED lighting system, daylight harvesting, and stormwater filtration. Construction debris was recycled, care was taken during construction to prevent dirt and pollutants from building up inside the building, and material finishes were selected that produce little to no harmful gases or compounds. This store is truly a destination for happy and healthy for our customers, our employees, and our planet.

Photo credit: Padgett and Company

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